proof of vaccination expanded
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As you may have already heard the State Government is expanding the requirement for proof of vaccinations.This means our member stores will now have to ensure that patrons are vaccinated (two doses) so they can buy take-away packaged liquor .This move, brings our industry in line with most of the other hospitality sectors across the state.Under the changes staff and owners at each store will have to comply with the following: 

DRIVE-THROUGH LIQUOR STORES: All stores are captured under the mandate. For drive through stores, the purchaser inside the vehicle will only be required to show proof of vaccination, irrespective of other occupants.

: All people entering a store must check-in and be fully vaccinated. Check-in can be done at the point of entry or at the point of sale. Under the new requirements there is an expectation that vaccination status is verified by staff at either point.

: Proof of Vaccination MUST be shown.

SAME DAY DELIVERY: From February 1 the new online regulations come into effect. However that has no bearing in terms of showing proof of vaccination for online liquor purchases. In-effect there is no requirement to show proof of vaccination for online deliveries.
SIGNAGE AND SOCIAL MEDIA TILES:  A range of marketing collateral has been designed by the Department of Premier and Cabinet with messaging about the need to check in and show the proof of vaccination. You can download them all HERE.

: Any unvaccinated person working in a Western Australian liquor store has until January 31 to receive their first dose.

There are undoubtedly more questions emerging as we speak and the LSAWA team is working closely and collaboratively with the State Government to get you the latest information and updates as soon as possible. We understand there are logistics and technicalities involved in the application of these measures and we will continue to listen to your feedback and relay it to the State Government, particularly the office of the new minister for Racing, Gaming and Liquor, Tony Buti. The LSAWA, as mentioned, is 70 years strong and will continue to lobby and advocate for the interests of our members, who are strong contributors to the local economy.

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