WA Winery named “Best Value Winery in Australia”

Domaine Naturaliste

Australia’s most influential and respected wine critic, Mr James Halliday has awarded Domaine Naturaliste the title of “Best Value Winery” in Australia in 2020.

This means the wines Domaine Naturaliste produce are of both great quality and great value.

Bruce Dukes, Winemaker/Director of Domaine Naturaliste emotionally commented “It is an honour that out of around 2600 producers in Australia, Domaine Naturaliste of Margaret River has been chosen by Australia’s greatest and most experienced wine expert for this award.

Margaret River has a set of natural conditions which suit the farming of grapes very well. The long, gentle ripening season, combined with ancient decomposed soils result in balanced vines which yield flavoursome fruit, with a natural composition well suited to premium wine.

As a grape grower and winemaker, I feel blessed to be in Margaret River. It is an exciting frontier.” Domaine Naturaliste wines are based on a significant understanding of the inherent strengths of the Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah fruit from Margaret River.

Dukes states fruit freshness, flavour and texture are the greatest qualities he pursues when crafting his wines. When asked if his Domaine Naturaliste wines were natural, he replies “99% natural and 1% supernatural.” If you would like to explore the amazing quality and value of Domaine Naturaliste, find us at www.domainenaturalise.com

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