WA Liquor Retailers: The cellar door for our wineries

WA Wines Update Event 2019

A major milestone has been achieved by a Wine Industry expert regarded as the “Doyen” of winemakers.

Dorham Mann was awarded a Life Membership at the annual WA Wines Industry update event held at the

Western Australian Parliament House which was hosted by Agriculture Minister Alannah Mactiernan this week. 

(Dorham Mann was awarded life membership from WA Wines)

Mr Mann was awarded life membership for his role in establishing and developing a modern wine industry spanning nearly 60 years.

Wines WA Chairman Trevor Whittington said Mr Mann’s contribution to the industry has been revolutionary.

“Dorham is famous for discovering the white cabernet vine on his Swan Valley vineyard, which is now a part of history” he said.

The event was well represented by Liquor Stores Association of WA chairman Lou Spagnolo and CEO Peter Peck.

Mr Peck stressed the importance the liquor retailers play within WA’s wine industry.

“We are in-effect the cellar door to many wineries around the state who can’t produce the large retail stock required for the multi-nationals” he said.

WA Wines Update Event 2019
(L-R) Paul Holmes à Court, Police Minister Michelle Roberts, LSAWA Chair Lou Spagnolo, Tourism Minister Paul Papalia, Wines WA CEO Larry Jorgensen)

“The Wine Industry and the Liquor Stores Association work off the same song sheet: We are local and we are typically small mum and dad businesses” he said.

“Our philosophies align and our motives are all about growing our business and protecting our members from the big end of town” he added.

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