LSAWA member takes fight to Parliament over Dan Murphy’s traffic threat in Como

Pierre Sequeira, WA Nationals Leader Mia Davies and LSAWA Media and Government Relations Manager Peter Kapsanis

The Liquor Stores Association of Western Australia has continued its political lobbying for the benefit of the independent packaged liquor industry, at a recent pre-Christmas function hosted by the WA Nationals.

LSAWA Media and Government Relations Manager Peter Kapsanis was joined by LSAWA member Pierre Sequeira who raised a number of industry concerns to party MPs including WA Nationals leader Mia Davies.

For the past seven years Mr Sequeira has been opposed to the proposal by Dan Murphy’s to open a “big box” at the Como Hotel site. It’s been a development which even Main Roads has highlighted several problems around increased traffic volume and accidents.

“We are disappointed with the ruling of the WA Liquor Commission to give Dan Murphy’s the green light on this project” Mr Sequeira said.

“There remain a number of road safety concerns which need to be addressed, including the fact that we believe the approval goes against recent State reforms aimed at limiting the number of large packaged liquor stores following  ongoing community concerns and extensive industry consultation” he added.

Last week, Nationals MP Colin Holt asked a series of questions in Parliament about the Dan Murphy’s development and whether Transport Minister Rita Saffioti would intervene on the matter.

You can see Mr Holt’s questions and the Government’s response here: Questions on notice regarding Dan Murphy’s Como

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