Let’s “Calm the Farm”


If you’re a consumer then the quickest way to be treated like a child is to act like one.

Do not panic buy. Otherwise we will go on restrictions. 

If you are a retailer you need to step up to the plate and make sure you are ticking all the boxes. 


1. Is this a reasonable amount of product the customer is purchasing ?
2. Am I ensuring the number of people in my store allows for a 4 square metre separation?
3. Am I practising RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol)?
4. Am I and my staff using hand sanitizer after I handle money?
5. Is my counter regularly wiped down with antibacterial solution?

If you do not tick all the boxes then you will risk having your store closed by police under section 114 of the liquor control act.

The Premier of Western Australia has held off from imposing blanket liquor restrictions across the state. Please do not let your industry, your community or your staff down by losing your ability to trade.

Also if you are going to impose your own voluntary liquor restrictions then make sure you put signs up at your door so people are aware of how much they can buy before they enter your store.

Police and the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries inspectors are visiting every store across the state monitoring all sales and ensuring you and your staff are safe.

If you have any issues with aggressive customers:

1. Ask them to calm down and try to defuse the situation.
2. Warn them they will be refused service.
3. Ask them to leave.
4. If they refuse and you believe there is a threat to you or your staffs safety then call for police assistance on 131 444.

Do Not Use 000 unless it is a life threatening emergency.

We remind our members that the Liquor Stores Association has set a fresh page on its website with all the latest information regarding the impact of COVID-19 on our state.

We strongly suggest you go to the page and print off the information and use it as a guide.

Your future and the future of your staff is in your hands.

Let’s stay calm, stay responsible and stay safe. 

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