Message from the CEO: “Online is not Perfect””

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On-line is far from perfect.

As we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 environment people seem to be becoming adjusted to the new world we live in. 

In the early days we saw daily items like toilet paper, cleaning products, freezers, meat and even booze being bought up in bulk. Probably because people switched into survival mode. 
Well they all have come to their senses and the panic buyers have turned back into “normal” people again. 
There will be some of your customers who may have been enticed into trying to get around the restrictions by buying bulk on-line. 
I actually did a little test and I ordered some wine and beer three weeks ago and it still hasn’t arrived. I dread thinking what three weeks sitting in a hot warehouse or on the back of a trailer waiting for a truck to bring it West will do to it. 
Freight lines are absolutely choking and priority is given to food and medical freight. Not beer, wine or spirits.

Which is something you can share with your customers:  “Three in the hand is worth more than twelve in the post”.

So let’s just keep trading, keep our eyes on the ball and get through this together.

And don’t forget, all the latest info on the virus can be found HERE on our website.

Let’s remember to #SeparateSanitizeStayHealthyWA

Take care,

Peter Peck


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