LSA WA welcomes removal of liquor restrictions

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The Liquor Stores Association of Western Australia has welcomed the State Government’s decision to lift the temporary restrictions imposed on the packaged liquor industry in WA on March 25.

The decision comes after a series of ongoing discussions between industry, the department of local government and Small Business Minister Paul Papalia where all relevant stakeholders provided regular feedback in relation to the requirements for the restrictions.

The CEO of LSAWA, Peter Peck said scrapping the restrictions would enable the packaged liquor industry to apply some form of “normality” to its business models going forward.

“We acknowledge we live in difficult economic times and certain decisions had to be undertaken, even as a precautionary measure, when the global pandemic emerged.

“At the same time anything that can be done to keep small WA businesses alive and operating responsibly is a positive and will benefit local communities” he said.

“We recognise the work by Minister Papalia, who while keeping an eye over the liquor industry also had to focus his attention on tourism and all small business as well. He and his department need to be commended on this decision”.

Mr Peck however stressed this was no time for government or industry to rest on its laurels.

“We still have large parts of the liquor industry doing it tough, both in terms of the “on-premise” and the “cellar door” end of the market”.

“We all need to work together as an industry, strong and united to help each other in difficult times like these” Mr Peck added.

The removal of the restrictions came into effect today, Monday April 20 at 10.30am WST.

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