Liquor Restrictions back for WA’s north

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Today the Department of Local Government issued another wave of liquor restrictions, this time for the Kimberley.

The Department made the decision after receiving a request by the Kimberley Regional Council (which represents the four shires across the region) and in consultation with the Police Commissioner of Western Australia, Chris Dawson.

This means that our Liquor Stores Association members in the north of the state, from Broome to Kununurra and in between, will operate under the same restrictions we emerged from only a month or so ago.

“We are requesting from the department to show cause and the evidence and justification for these restrictions” said LSAWA CO Peter Peck.

“It is no secret that the Kimberley is struggling under the border controls currently in place, which are unfortunately a fact of life for every business one way or another across the state”.

Mr Peck said that it was interesting to note that the Shire president of Broome, Harold Tracy is the President of the Broome liquor accord.

“Perhaps it’s time the local liquor accord asked its President where he sat on this decision”.

“This is just another blow for a region which has been rated as one of the top five places to visit in the world by the New York Times”. 

“However, this is a timely reminder to all of us that our industry is at the mercy of rules and regulations and we must be thankful that as a small business industry we have emerged better than some” Mr Peck added.

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