Podcast: How will the Banned Drinkers Register work

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On the 24th August the State Government announced the Banned Drinkers Register (BDR) will roll out across the Pilbara from December first.

The BDR aims to target problem drinkers and alleviate the need for blanket liquor restrictions in several towns.

Under the trial, anyone wanting to purchase alcohol in the Pilbara will have to show PHOTO ID which will get scanned before the sale of take-away alcohol is allowed.

In this latest edition of  “Packaged”, LSAWA CEO Peter Peck chats to Scantek Managing Director Ches Rafferty.

The WA based technology company has won the tender to install the BDR scanning machines across the Pilbara and in this podcast Ches explains step-by-step how it will work.

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