PODCAST: Liquor Stores play major role in BDR study

LSA Presser on BDR Technology

Liquor store owners and retailers in our north are being encouraged to share their experiences around the trial of the Banned Drinkers Register (BDR), as the first wave of survey fast approaches.

On the latest edition of our regular podcast “Packaged” the man tasked with carrying out the University of Western Australia BDR evaluation, highlights what retailers should be looking out for and how they can report it.

The survey is set to hit retailers across the Pilbara in the next few weeks, as the Kimberley region prepares for a BDR roll out in May.

UWA Associate Professor James Fogarty will be leading the BDR evaluation

Associate Professor James Fogarty caught up with the LSAWA’s Peter Kapsanis and explained how the evaluation will work.

Click on the link below to listen now.

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