PODCAST | How BDR technology is leading global change

Scantek CEO Ches Rafferty with Liquor Minister Reece Whitby showcase the mobile BDR app

The Banned Drinkers Register (BDR) is now in full swing across the northern half of Western Australia.

Perth based technology company Scantek has been at the coalface of the project, designing and implementing the hardware for the register and installing the scanners which determine whether or not a customer is eligible to purchase take-away alcohol.

The BDR aims to minimise alcohol related harm and target problem drinkers.

Company CEO Ches Rafferty explained to “Packaged” host Peter Kapsanis, how the technology works, how the data is stored and how the revolutionary technology is being used to tackle identity crime and scammers across the world.

Tune in now for one of our most fascinating podcasts to date.

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