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Stephen Markey is the face behind Lease Negotiations WA (LNWA).

It is a tenant advocacy agency which negotiates and provides commercial support to leaseholders. LNWA assists leaseholders in matters of lease maintenance and lease negotiation, dealing directly with landlords or landlord agents on behalf of the tenant.

LSA WA caught up with Stephen recently where he gave some insight and an account of what his business does and how it can help our members in the packaged liquor industry.

Stephen Markey from LNWA

How did it start?

The business commenced in 2011 and is based on the belief tenants need greater support during commercial transactions from an industry professional who will defend their financial position.

What experience do you bring to the table and how can you help independent businesses with their lease negotiations

As a former Regional Property Manager for K-Mart and Target, Centre Manager at Galleria Shopping Centre, I understand what retailers need but I also have significant insight into what makes landlords tick!

The help from Lease Negotiations WA entails securing new leases and extracting the best commercial starting position for the business.

Negotiating a lease renewal, requiring an evaluation of current market circumstances and to then determine and utilise available leverage to improve the commercial outcome.

Determining if the contract is a Retail Lease or a Commercial Lease and what advantages can be established and what disadvantages may exist within each document. These outcomes are part and parcel of the suite of offerings my business can provide.

Why should LSA members get in touch?

Because we look after your interests and in doing so, save you money, save you time, prevent stress, remove the inconvenience upon your daily operations and address the imbalance of knowledge.

Are you offering any special discount for our members if they choose to engage your services.

Yes. Problem solving tasks which are charged out at an hourly rate along with Fixed Fee rates, will be discounted by 20%.

So instead of $250.00 per hour if you’re an LSA WA member you will only pay $200.00 per hour and all fixed fees will be competitive for all LSA WA members.

Thank you for the opportunity.

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