Mask Mandate back for Christmas

Due to a positive COVID-19 case in Perth this week, the State Government has enforced the mask mandate over the festive period, specifically from:6pm tonight until 6am Tuesday, 28th December. What does this mean for you? -All relevant signage indicating mask mandate should be displayed inside and outside the store-Licensees and staff must wear a mask during business hours-Customers who enter, should do so, wearing a mask-Customers who enter and aren’t wearing a mask should be encouraged to do so. Note: Staff and licensees do not have the right to ask to see an exemption. -If a customer becomes quarrelsome or troublesome, under the Act, staff and licensees have the right to ask the person to leave the store.Please visit our website HERE which has links to the latest and up to date information on all COVID-19 information. The LSA board and management team wish you and your families and staff a Merry Christmas.

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