Buy Local if you don’t like Russian

Old Young's founder James Young will be at the Good Food and Wine Show.

Story via 6PR

A Ukrainian push to ban the importation of all Russian goods on Monday has found some legs in Australia.

Liquor Store Association members in Western Australia are considering whether to follow suit after Endeavour Group, which owns the BWS and Dan Murphy’s chains among others, removed Russian vodka from their shelves.

WA CEO Peter Peck told Liam Bartlett on 6PR Mornings top-selling vodka Smirnoff was set to be removed, despite not been made in Russia for decades.

“The biggest player in the Russian part of our industry is Smirnoff – but they haven’t been Russian since last century, around the time of the Russian Resolution,” he said of the vodka, which was now owned by British drinks conglomerate Diageo.

“This whole move has been a global trend for about 48-72 hours. It was kicked off by the Canadians, and everyone else has followed, because Canadian liquor stores are actually owned by their government.”

Mr Peck said the move was good news for local WA distillers, like Swan Valley-based Old Young’s, whose range of vodkas would likely sell in greater numbers now Russian versions were off the shelf.

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