WA’s Border is re-opening | What you need to know

Covid Update

As you are aware, just over a week ago, the Liquor Stores Association of WA played a pivotal role in removing the proof of vaccination (POV) requirement for liquor stores across Western Australia.This came about largely by your honesty, frankness and at times gritty feedback which enabled us to put together a compelling report to the state government and illustrate that the POV had ignited a high level of aggressive behaviour from several customers.To its credit, after reviewing our report, the state government acted and removed the POV requirement from packaged liquor sales.The other consequence from the removal of the POV is that UNVACCINATED staff can also return to liquor stores. That means, staff who may have left prior to January 31 because of their vaccination status can now return or be re-employed.Alternatively, if you are experiencing staff shortages, you may wish to look for people with experience in the on-premise market who may have had to resign due to the POV requirements.The removal of liquor stores from POV requirements means our industry will revert back to the “lockdown” category. That is, in the event of a lockdown, unvaccinated staff won’t be able to work in your store for the duration of the lockdown.Tomorrow on Thursday, March 3, WA will re-open to the rest of the world and re-join the nation when its hard border comes down. It is therefore important to take precautions as we are already seeing a serious spread of the Covid-19 virus in our communities.A reminder, WA’s COVID-19 isolation protocols can be found HEREMeantime, we’ve compiled a list of a few things you may wish to consider:

Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs)You do not have to offer your staff RAT tests. However, the RATs will give you an indication if you or your staff have been potentially infected. The tests are the trigger point to get a secondary test from a Covid-19 clinic (PCR test). Having the RAT’s available to staff may make the difference between one member getting Covid-19 or your whole team getting Covid-19. Masks are compulsory inside liquor storesStaff and customers MUST wear masks. Make sure the mask is covering both the mouth and the nose. If a person refuses to wear a mask and says they have an exemption from wearing it then they must show you the exemption. If they say they don’t have to and begin stating federal laws then inform them that under State of Emergency powers and in compliance with state government health directives those rights are currently superseded. If they still refuse, then politely ask them to leave. If they fail to comply then call police to have them removed. DO NOT attempt to remove them yourself as you may be committing an assault. Failure to comply with your request can carry a large fine or even a prison term.Cleaning Your StoreTry to do quick and regular cleans on surfaces like fridge handles, counter surfaces, eftpos and handsets. Also have hand sanitiser at the entrance to your store and on the counter for people to use.Home Delivery OptionIf you have home delivery, then start to educate your customers. This will be a way for them to make their purchase from home if they have Covid-19. Also, the more people who order from you for delivery the less foot traffic through the store and the lower the risk of you or your staff being infected at work.

Always remember we are here to help you navigate through these challenging times. if you have any questions either email or call us on 9321 5022. If you are not a member then please contact us for a membership pack. It’s the best money you will ever spend on your business.

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