PODCAST | The Aussie Rum helping save the Great Barrier Reef

kappa and caroline from Daigeo

In the latest instalment of our regular podcast series “Packaged” we put the spotlight on Diageo’s Reeftip.

Climate change has been a polarising topic of discussion for a good decade around Australia, and it certainly proved to be a deciding factor when we went to the polls in the Federal Election in May.

Diageo AUSTRALIA, which is behind several popular products like Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker and Bailey’s, has taken the conscious step of helping to save the planet by producing an Australian made rum with climate change at the heart of its purpose- in particular helping regenerate coral on the Great Barrier Reef, in Queensland.

The LSA’s Peter Kapsanis speak to Hayden Abercrombie from Diageo on why the company wanted to contribute to this cause.


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