LSA welcomes Police Commissioner’s support for a BDR trial in Perth

Pecky Lou and Commish

The Liquor Stores Association of Western Australia has welcomed WA Police Commissioner Cole Blanch’s support for a Banned Drinkers Register (B-D-R) to be trialled in Perth liquor stores, to help address a wave of anti-social behaviour.

Last week a city based independent liquor store received a WA Police order to shut its doors due to fears of public safety. The store had more than five hours of trade remaining when it was served with the section one-one-four (S114) notice of the Liquor Control Act.

As a result, the Bennett Street small business lost up to 80-percent of its daily turnover.

Speaking on 6PR radio today, Commissioner Blanch said a trial of the register in specific hot spots across the City, could offer some benefits.

The B-D-R is already operating across the Kimberley, Pilbara, and Goldfields to help prevent problem drinkers purchase take-away alcohol.

LSA Chief Executive Peter Peck, welcomed the Commissioner’s support.

“The B-D-R is a measure that is having some good effect in regional WA, and I am confident it would be very useful in key metropolitan areas” he said.

“People will need to show their ID before purchasing alcohol, which will help identify disruptive people and enable retailers to refuse service” he added.

“We are encouraged by the Commissioner’s comments around the B-D-R and we look forward to working with all relevant stakeholders to help combat these issues”.

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