LSA welcomes improved legislation for Banned Drinkers Register

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The Liquor Stores Association of Western Australia has welcomed changes to legislation which will now enable local courts and specialist frontline staff to place people adversely affected by alcohol on the Banned Drinkers Register (B-D-R).

The B-D-R was first introduced in December 2020 in the Pilbara and has since been rolled out across the Kimberley, Goldfields and more recently in Carnarvon and the Gascoyne Junction.

Under a B-D-R, licensees and their staff must scan the ID of a customer before any purchase of take-away alcohol can be made.

If no photo ID is presented, no transaction can be made by the licensed outlet.

The Association is also pleased that the changes to the Liquor Control Amendment (Banned Drinkers Register) Bill 2023, will lead to individuals placed on the register for alcohol-related violence and drink driving, not just in or near licensed premises.

It also welcomes the ability for health professionals and specialist frontline staff to refer individuals to be placed on the register.

LSA WA CEO Peter Peck commended State Parliament for passing the legislation after it was first introduced in May.

“This is a positive move for communities across the state” he said.

“It means the potential of domestic violence cases linked to alcohol abuse can be reduced. As a result, families and victims should feel safer.”

The Association expects the timing of the legislation to be an effective tool against alcohol abuse in many regional communities ahead of the Christmas holiday season.

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