Justice system must back new laws to protect retail workers

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The Liquor Stores Association of WA has supported today’s move by the state government to toughen penalties against people who assault retail workers.

Under the new legislation introduced in state parliament, people who assault retail workers will face up to seven years in prison.
Offenders who assault workers with a weapon will face up to 10 years jail.

LSA WA CEO Peter Peck welcomed the move but warned the onus was on magistrates and judges to ensure that they applied the full letter of the law to meet the community’s expectations.

“Kudos to the state government for introducing the legislation today. It’s been a long time coming.

“I just hope the justice system, does the right thing by the community. We can have all the legislation we want but if people aren’t being dealt with appropriately in a court of law when they have done the wrong thing, then all faith is lost.”

“There have been too many instances in more recent times where offenders, whether it be theft, assault, or verbal abuse, have walked away free.

“These thugs need to be held accountable and the justice system is the last line of defence for our members and thousands of retail workers across the state.”

Mr Peck urged all members of parliament to push the legislation through quickly to keep a safe workplace for all people who work in the retail sector.

To read Premier Roger Cook’s full statement on the new laws click here.

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