LSA welcomes new laws to protect liquor store staff

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The Liquor Stores Association of WA (LSA WA) has welcomed new laws which are now in effect to protect retail workers, including liquor store staff from violent offenders.

Under the new legislation serial shoplifters will face jail time and violent attackers who target retail staff will face serious time behind bars.

Offenders who attack staff in the course of their duties face up to seven years in prison and in the case where a weapon is used the penalty rises to a maximum of 10 years imprisonment.

Repeat offenders charged with multiple low level stealing offences also face potential jail time after their third offence within 12-months.

LSA WA Chief Executive Peter Peck said the new laws were a significant and progressive step forward to ensure a safe working environment.

“It’s a good step to protect workers and keep people safe in their daily jobs” he said.

“For far too long, retail workers have been treated like punching bags by gutless thugs and I’m hoping these new laws will eventually put a stop to the violence and abuse they suffer every day.”

“I commend the state government on getting the job done” Mr Peck added.

“This now is a perfect opportunity to investigate if some kind of court ordered intervention can happen at the first offence for low level stealing.” 

“Nobody wants the offender to commit three offences and face serious consequences such as the prospect of jail time without exhausting every option to turn their lives around.”

“We have a perfect opportunity to make a real difference and I look forward to working with the state government to continue to deliver a better outcome for all.”

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